Personal Space

I really appreciate my personal space

I’m understanding more and more that spending time alone

isn’t a past time for losers

or being alone doesn’t mean you’re a failure. 

I grew up alone. In a house without a sister, or mother, or father. 

Alone is what I know, and now that I’m older…

I celebrate the void

I truly enjoy my personal space. I truly enjoy spending time alone…

yet I don’t think it’s the aloneness that I enjoy. 

It’s the distraction-less-ness that one could experience from being alone that I love. 

When I was with Jasmin she would comment on how much she enjoyed being together, in silence…

I now understand what she meant in a deeper regard.

With the sense of aloneness, or for the sake of making something up… distraction-less-ness nurtures the “self”. 

When away from the world one can shift their entire focus, their body, their mind, their spirit into themselves. Nothing matters, but you. I hesitate to make it sound so selfish because it really isn’t. 

It’s not selfish because positivity is as infectious as an airborne disease. 

I want to shine light on the topic because I only knew of the negative connotations that came with being alone. It’s not a bad thing.

Also people are more alone than they realize. 

You might be alone as you read this.